Writing structure of review articles should be composed of following parts:

  1. Persian and English Abstract (a summary of introduction, conclusion and suggestion for future studies)
  2. Introduction: including a brief summary of theoretical and empirical foundation in order to provide a new approach and to create or challenge a hypothesis
  3. Subject priorities with respect to the coherence of content
  4. Conclusion
  5. Research suggestions


Journal of Practical Studies of Biosciences in Sport, as a scientific – research journal with ISC grade, gives the priority assessment to the topics which have more proximity to specialized areas in terms of concept. Currently, translated articles, review articles, and case studies have no priority for publication.

Articles which are electronically recorded in the system will initially be checked by the internal director to investigate their compliance with structural and writing guidelines. Afterward, the papers will be sent to the specialized secretary to investigate scientific quality, and then they are sent for the Editor in chief.  Finally if they meet the criteria, submitted articles will be forwarded for more specialized investigations into the arbitration process. Anonymous articles will be evaluated by at least two referees chosen by the editor and the editorial board and Corresponding Author will be informed as soon as possible about the acceptance, rejection or the need for modifications requested by the referees.  If the paper is completely in accordance with the items listed in this guide, it will gain full acceptance of the jury and will be published in next journal.